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DQD aims to meet and beat challenges put to wood product industries and to timber solutions with a better understanding of wood product value chains, analysing timber flows from the quality potentials of wood as a raw material for the present and the medium term (up to 20 years).

Dash Q Designs have introduced the competitiveness of various wood-based materials and new products from wood, through the technological, service, and business solutions that increase value to customers and the cost efficiency of timber procurement and trade;

 Dash Q Designs has a bespoke customer service and product solutions in the wood product sector that are based on added value; and the networking of companies, which are part of the value chains.

Active participation from interested parties, is sought, to further develop products, services, processes, and business concepts, as well as their practical implementation for various applications.



The company was established in February 2015 by founding members, Robert Murua and Mduduzi Sibande, they registered their firm Dash Q Designs, (DQD). The idea was to take on creation of stylish, modern furniture from solid wood and recyclable wood introducing the DQD product range.


The company product innovation brings recyclable (Pallets) into the living room. This low-priced, functional strong, light material that is normally used for transportation of cargo will be converted into stylish products. Children and parents will quickly start discovering the practical benefits of recycling.


A line of children friendly and safe products will be launched, highlighting the DQD commitment to safety at home. It has everything expected of classic high quality, except a high price, offering a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products, at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. The DQD Concept guides the way DQD products are designed, manufactured, transported, sold and assembled. All of these factors contribute to transforming the DQD Concept into a reality.


There are many instances where timber structures are more cost effective than either steel or concrete. Our experience over the last 30 years with timber I-Joists bears witness to that. The mitigating factors are not always pertaining to direct cost of materials, but more in terms of what is appropriate for any given structure. In terms of benefits where timber structural elements are concerned, the list is long, but which includes environments issues and products made from renewable resources, automated manufacturing ensuring highest quality and a very high level of safety to the end user. Then there are more cost oriented issues such as cost of product, logistical benefits including easy containerisation and well thought our engineering connectors enabling long span structures to be reconstructed on site after delivery. Installation costs are a lot lower as the strength to weight ratio of timber to steel is more economical in terms of crane hire and handling in general thus reducing installation costs adding to the overall cost effectiveness of structural timber components.

At the DQD Stores and Warehouses/Exhibition Centres, we will encourage the customers to take their time and get comfortable with DQD home furnishing solutions and products in realistic room settings and real-life homes. ¤ To sit, lie down, ¤ open and close drawers ¤to compare styles ¤ Compare prices ¤ and imagine the possibilities.